John Jay College
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Education for professions that matter  

We offer our undergraduate students a diverse range of liberal arts disciplines to engage with issues of justice. Through a highly innovative curriculum across the humanities, natural sciences, arts and social sciences, you will have a full range of opportunities to explore your academic interests.  

John Jay faculty members are world class educators, practitioners and researchers who have exceptional hands-on experience in their fields. As a student, you will be given access to leading edge thinking, innovative teaching methods and strong industry connections.

A Dynamic Community  
Student OrientatiionBecome part of a diverse and dynamic community within a personal and inclusive environment. Students, faculty and staff come together in enriching cultural, athletic and community initiatives that focus on both individual and team growth.

Multifaceted Study
We are unique in the breadth of our undergraduate education.  Students can choose from several areas of undergraduate study with both interdisciplinary variety and focused depth.

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Although the preferred deadline has passed, we are still accepting applications for the Fall 2018.


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