Appointment & Reappointment

General guidance for all candidates: Faculty are expected to review and adhere to the guidance in the Faculty Personnel Process Guidelines (FPPG). Other resources you might find helpful include the PSC CUNY contract and the CUNY bylaws. You are always welcome to contact the Faculty Services for guidance regarding policy, process and practice pertaining to your personnel actions.

The "Tenure Clock"

All full-time tenure-track faculty follow the same timeframe for consideration of their personnel actions:

Generic timeline for 2nd-6th Reappointment 

If in... You are in your... You'll be considered for your...
Spring or Fall 2017 Initial appointment year Initial appointment to your 2nd year of service
Spring 2018 1st year of service 1st reappointment to 2nd year of services
Fall 2018 2nd year of service 2nd reappointment to 3rd year of yervice
Fall 2019 3rd year of service 3rd reappointment to 4th year of service
Fall 2020 4th year of service 4th reappointment to 5th year of service
Fall 2021 5th year of service 5th reappointment to 5th year of service
Fall 2022 6th year of service 6th reappointment to 7th year of service
Fall 2023 7th Year of Service 7th reappointment with Tenure

When you are initially appointed to John Jay, you will receive assorted communications from Faculty Services before you arrive, and will be invited to the Provost’s Full-Time Faculty Orientation event in late August just before the semester begins. In terms of the Faculty Personnel process, your initial appointment will have already been approved by your Departmental Personnel Budget Committee (P&B) and the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC); there is nothing you need to do or prepare.

You'll be considered for your first reappointment during the middle of your first year of service. The only materials that will be required for departmental P&B and FPC consideration are your observations of teaching and your CV. You will not need to complete a form C at this time.

Starting with your 2nd reappointment, you and your Chair will be expected to update your faculty personnel file as follows:

  • You will complete and submit your Form C, which serves as your application for reappointment. 
  • You will document your current teaching, research and service.
  • Your Chair will provide your current Annual Evaluation and your Peer Teaching Observations.

In your fourth year of service, you will receive your Pre-Tenure Review from an academic dean who will provide feedback and guidance on your progress towards tenure. The Dean will review your personnel files and meet with you and your chair to discuss your record of teaching, scholarship and service. The Dean will then write a formal letter that summarizes their assessment of your progress and suggestions re your next steps; that letter is entered into your personnel file.

In your seventh year of serviceyou will be eligible for reappointment with tenure consideration. Faculty may be considered for early tenure prior to their 7th reappointment. Click here for more information about Tenure.


Your faculty personnel files

Faculty personnel files are the official records held by the Provost's Office that reflect your faculty personnel actions, documentation of teaching, research, publication and service, and all other components reflecting your productivity and proficiency.

Your complete personnel file comprises both your hard copy file held by the Provost’s Office and the digital files you will upload to FIDO 4.0 (Faculty Internet Document Organizer). FIDO 4.0 will provide your John Jay reviewers with a detailed overview of your activities, scholarship and accomplishments as they pertain to your proposed personnel action(s). The hard copy file held by the Provost’s Office will reflect the administrative and confidential aspects of your John Jay career (leaves, history regarding past personnel actions, etc.). This will also be the place where your supplemental materials that cannot be uploaded to FIDO will be held.

Your reviewers will primarily work with your FIDO-based documentation as a way of understanding what you have accomplished in terms of teaching, scholarship and service/administrative duties. They may also review your Provost Office file for additional context regarding your history at John Jay. Please note that we will continue to accept hard copy documents until all personnel records have been converted to the electronic format.

2024 - 2025: All critical faculty personnel documents will be made available digitally on FIDO 4.0.

Up for Reappointment consideration in Fall 2024? 

Contact  Angela Crossman, Interim Dean of Faculty for guidance in showcasing your accomplishments to support your reappointment, creating an effective Form C, etc.

Contact Kyeanna Bailey, Director of Faculty Services or any Faculty Services Team member for technical/practical issues pertaining to the faculty personnel process.

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