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JJ Cuny Department of Anthropology

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Jobs/Programs in the US:

Jobs/Programs abroad:

  • Go Abroad: A directory for studying, teaching, volunteering, and adventuring abroad
  • Reliefweb: this website is mostly overseas jobs in either emergency relief or international development. Anthropology majors will have a big advantage in entry-level jobs, consulting work where the student speaks the national language and internships and volunteer work, which typically pays for housing, food, and sometimes a small stipend. Latin American postings always require Spanish, but most other countries English is the only necessary language
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a good resource for jobs in health and human resources
  • International volunteer programs with an emphasis on cultural immersion and experience: Cross Cultural Solutions
  • A listing of international jobs by profession and location: Escape Artist 
  • Development Aid offers similar listings to Reliefweb, but worth a look for overseas postings
  • Devjobs is located in the Philippines and tends towards more senior jobs, but is worth looking at for international development jobs in Washington and overseas. Anthropology majors, particularly those who speak a national or local language where an assignment is located, will have an advantage in hiring. There is also excellent career advice for anthropology majors looking for overseas postings
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • self-describes as “the world's best place to find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and organizations working to change the world since 1995.” opportunities tend to be domestic. Anthropology majors will find many advertisements
  • generally features high level jobs

Jobs related to business:

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