Certificate in Investigative Psychology

Certificate in Investigative Psychology

This course aims to highlight how we may apply psychology to the specific applied area of crime scene analysis. The focus of the course will be on the sub-field of offender profiling and crime scene analysis, and the main psychological principles upon which offender profiling is based will be outlined. This will be done with particular emphasis on the three key areas of Investigative Psychology as it applies to offender profiling:

  • Gathering information from the crime scene
  • Making decisions about this information and
  • Analyzing the behavior at the crime scene

The certificate is aimed for professionals currently practicing in the field, mainly law enforcement, crime analysts, clinicians and other professionals in the criminal justice arena, or for students who already have a degree (Bachelors degree and above). It is run in a flexible online format that allows professionals working fulltime to engage with the course around their other commitments. 

Starting 2023 the program has been remodeled and will run as a fully online self-paced program.

  • NEW! Fully updated materials with the latest science, exciting thought provoking case studies and exercises, instructional videos, and inclusive of all readings.
  • NEW! We have curated additional bonus reference materials of case studies, readings, videos, and links to websites and professional organizations to facilitate connecting with the wider research and practice communities relevant to Investigative Psychology
  • NEW! Students can work their way through the program at an accelerated full-time basis in 3 weeks, or at a part-time basis for up to 3 months. 
  • NEW! Students can join with a colleague and work through the course together as a study pair, providing an opportunity to engage with the exercises together, to allow for discussion and ideas sharing opportunities
  • NEW! Students with no prior investigative experience are now eligible to apply.

Who The Course is For

  • Professionals with experience in law enforcement, investigations, crime analysis, law, psychology, or other related fields that incorporates an element of behavioral analysis, who want to gain an understanding of crime scene analysis, and how the principles underlying its scientific practice can be helpful to current practice.
  • Individuals in other related fields seeking professional development in areas of best practices in decision making and analysis of information.
  • Students (18+) who are looking to add to their portfolio as they prepare for careers in the broader criminal justice and behavioral analysis fields. 

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Investigative Psychology
  • Crime Scene Information Retrieval
  • Crime Scene Decision Making
  • Behavioral Analysis – Individual Differentiation & Classifying the Crime Scene
  • Behavioral Analysis – Behavioral Consistency & Linking Serial Crime
  • Behavioral Analysis – Making Inferences & Profiling the Offender
  • Profiling in Practice & Evidence Based Practice

Topic Content

  • Exercises aimed at illustrating the practical challenge (e.g. simulated investigations)
  • Course materials based on the most up to date research in the field (course content is updated yearly)
  • Readings (all will be provided as part of the course)
  • Instructional videos
  • Quizzes to self-check comprehension
  • Application of course content to own practice

Course Schedule

  • Formatted with the working professional in mind
  • All materials and assignment can be completed on your own schedule
  • Flexible and self-paced within a 3-month period. Accelerated full-time basis in 3 weeks, part-time over 3 months


  • Each 3 month cohort will start the 1st of the month
  • Application deadlines and course dates are outlined below
CIP Cohort Start End Availability
CIP17 March 1st, 2023 May 31st, 2023 FULL
CIP18 April 1st, 2023 June 30th, 2023 FULL
CIP19 April 1st, 2023 June 30th, 2023 FULL
CIP20 March 1st, 2024 May 31st, 2024 Open for Applications

Course Fees

  • Individuals $1,195 per person
  • Study Pairs (2 people completing course together) $1,000 per person
  • Groups (20 or more), please contact us for a quote
  • Current John Jay College students, please contact us for registration options (please use your John Jay email when contacting us for verification, and provide information on what program you are currently enrolled in)