RESilience Training Program

First-responders, law enforcement, military personel, forensic psychologists, and other professionals in the broader caring professions, often work with challenging and high risk populations and in situations such as mental health and crime, and are often entering jobs that require long or shift hours in high risk and high stress situations such as prisons, hospitals, law enforcement and the courts, and working with clients facing emotional, psychological and legal challenges. It is well documented that professionals within these fields often suffer high levels of stress, exhaustion and burnout due to the emotional nature of their jobs. Practitioners in these fields therefore need high levels of resilience skills and resources in order to withstand the demands of these types of careers, protect their own well-being. Healthy and flourishing people lead to professionals who lead with a disposition and energy that has a positive impact on their clients and organizations, and as such function at a higher level of effectiveness as professionals, and in addition possess the toolkits to advise their clients and organizations to flourish. 

Positive Psychology is the science of promoting well-being and optimized lives. It is a new branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and interventions to aid in the achievement of a flourishing life. As such it provides an additional piece to psychology by focusing not on the treatment of dysfunction, but rather on the enhancement and strengthening of human functioning. Training in this area focuses on acquisition and fine-tuning of critical skills that allow first responders to become resilient and positive practitioners. Participants will gain valuable insights on the science of resilience and engage in practical exercises to build both Mental and Emotional resilience skills, get out of burnout, and sustaining a flourishing life of purpose and renewed energy. 

Individually tailored 1/2 day - 5-day training courses provided for organizations. 

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