General Education Requirements Structure

I. The Required Core classes provide a foundation in vital critical thinking skills. They develop your ability to write clearly, problem-solve, analyze, interpret information, research, apply numerical data to a range of situations, and think creatively while using different methodologies. These courses prepare you for the challenges of higher level coursework.

II. The Flexible Core classes continue to develop your critical thinking and communication abilities as you learn about not only the amazing diversity within our own country but also study the interactions between the U.S. and other nations and cultures around the world. You’ll look at a range of issues while exploring the role of individuals in society, the significance of creativity to human life, and how scientific methods, discoveries, principles, and tools impact us on numerous levels.

III. We are tremendously excited about the John Jay College Option courses because they have a strong and inspiring justice component, which is the heart of John Jay's mission!  Along with the importance of educating for justice, our College Option classes also emphasize how to look at issues through a historical lens, and the vital importance of communication in an increasingly interconnected world.

The General Education curriculum will make up 42 of the 120 total credits that you need to graduate. The remaining 78 credits will consist of your major requirements and elective classes.