Readmission Advisement

Welcome Back to John Jay!

Congratulations on recommitting yourself to your studies to finish your degree! We are so happy you have returned and want you to know that we are committed to making your transition back to John Jay College and your remaining stay here as stress-free and fun as possible. We are here to help you navigate every step of your academic journey.

How do I apply for readmission?

Your application for readmission must be processed/approved before you can receive advisement services or register for classes.  To apply for readmission online, click here.  For more information about the readmission application process, click here!

I was readmitted. Now what?

You will receive an official communication from Jay Express once your readmission application has been processed/approved. You will be eligible for advisement only after your readmission application has been processed/approved.

  • While encouraged to do so, newly readmitted students in good standing are not required to meet with an Academic Advisor in order to register for classes.
  • Students returning with 90 credits or more, who have attended another institution while away from John Jay, and those who left John Jay before Fall 2013 are strongly encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor.  
  • Readmitted students on Academic Probation are required to meet with an Academic Advisor before registering for classes. Approved students will receive an invitation for advisement along with their approval notification.

Readmission advisement for spring semesters begins late November. Readmission advisement for fall semesters begins late April.

How to Prepare for Advisement and Registration

Claim, Reclaim, or Login to CUNY First:

  • This system replaced eSIMS in 2014. You can use this system to register for classes, pay your tuition, and more.
  • Access CUNY First here under Login.

Activate, Reactivate, or Login to your John Jay Email:

  • The Academic Advisement Center will only communicate with you via your John Jay email. It is very important for you to check this regularly.
  • Access your John Jay Email here.

Access DegreeWorks:

  • This system shows your progress towards your degree, including completed and still needed classes.
  • Access DegreeWorks here under Login.

Academic Requirements:

  • If you have been away from John Jay College for only one semester, you may continue to follow the same requirements as you did when you attended previously for both general education and major.
  • If you have been away from John Jay for more than one semester, you must follow the current requirements for both general education and major.
  • General Education Requirements: In Fall 2013, CUNY implemented the Pathways initiative across its undergraduate colleges. For the general education curriculum, John Jay's faculty has developed exciting courses with a strong justice component that is at the heart of our College's mission. Learn more here!
  • Major Requirements: Our offerings have expanded significantly in recent years. Check out all that is new here!

Registration Guidelines for Newly Readmitted Students

In order to register for classes at John Jay, students need access to CUNYFirst and DegreeWorks. Please see the video below for instructions on how to add, drop, and swap classes.