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Why Wait, Start College Now!

College Now is a free college transition program in partnership between the City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City Public Schools (NYCPS). Enlisting 18 colleges and over 470 NYC public schools, its mission is to help students successfully transition to college. The program aims to increase students’ academic readiness for college through college credit courses aligned with the first-year study at CUNY, college awareness courses and activities, and access to CUNY campus facilities and events.

The goal of College Now (CN), is to help students prepare for college success, both academically and socially. As students prepare for college, students learn about the college process and earn as many as 15 college credits before graduating from high school. The CN program helps students develop and improve essential academic and soft skills (time management, study skills, strong work ethics, etc.). Also, by enrolling in the CN program, students acclimate better to the college environment.

CUNY’s College Now program empowers NYC public school students to raise expectations for their future, envision options, make informed choices about college and learn how their education can lead to rewarding careers.

Read more about how our program works. Participation and Outcomes.

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