Dr. Alex Rovt

Dr. Alex Rovt is the President of IBE Trade Corporation, a world leader in the production, sales and marketing of agricultural fertilizers. A native of Ukraine, Dr. Rovt came to the United States in 1985, and two years later he took a sales job with IBE Trade. By 1996, he became the company's president and primary owner, leading the firm to its current position of controlling 12 percent of the world's ammonia supply and 6 percent of the ammonium nitrate. Today, IBE Trade clients include top agri-business players such as Cargill, ConAgra and Koch Nitrogen. Rovt has also diversified into New York real estate, having purchased 30 buildings, with plans for expanding that portfolio. A Brooklyn resident, Rovt is an active supporter of and contributor to civic and educational causes, including One Brooklyn Health System, Inc., that is composed of three hospitals, Interfaith Medical Center, Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the New York City Board of Corrections, former Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, and a local Jewish schools and community center. He also engages in charitable work in his native Ukraine. Rovt earned his PhD in International Economics from Kiev Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.