Faculty Workshops and Webinars

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The Department of Online Education and Support conducts webinars for faculty on various topics related to achieving excellence in the online classroom. These webinars are fully online and facilitated by DOES staff, with insights from a faculty co-host with expertise on the topic. Each webinar includes the pedagogical "why" as well as the practical "how". At the end of each webinar, participants can share their views, ask questions of all presenters, and get clarifications. These webinars are easily accessible from a desktop, phone, or tablet. Some past webinar series links are listed below and can be viewed by clicking on the Starting Strong Webinar Series and Digital Humanities Webinar Series links. 


Starting Strong Webinar Series 

The beginning of a new semester is an opportunity to carefully consider how to thoughtfully structure your online or hybrid course to meet the needs of your students. This webinar series will detail elements of how customize your online course within the learning management system, what to focus on the first day/week of the semester, how and when to reach out to students, and how to create assessments that provide more substantive insights into content mastery. The webinars in the series are:

  • Getting to Know Your Blackboard Course: Navigating the Template
  • Opening Your Blackboard Course: Things to Consider for a Smooth Beginning
  • Getting to Know Your Online Students: Exploring Instructor Presence and Methods for Early Intervention
  • Alternative Assessments
  • Translating your On-Campus Class to a Distance Learning Course

Digital Humanities Webinar Series 

John Jay was awarded National Endowment for the Humanities grant funding through the Cares Act. Part of this funding was set aside to support the Humanities in supporting new projects, including the goal of moving more Humanities courses online. In addition to the Effective Practices in Online Teaching (EPOT) workshops offered over the summer of 2020, this Digital Humanities webinar series has been created to introduce educational tools to engage online students.

  • Free Online Resources
  • PlayPosit
  • Slack
  • VoiceThread
  • Digication