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 PhD  University of Washington
 MA  University of Tübingen



Professor Schlutz teaches both at John Jay College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He studied Comparative Literature, English Literature and French Literature in Germany and the United States. He received his MA from the University of Tübingen and his PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle. His research focuses mainly on the intersection of literature and philosophy in the Romantic period and the relationship between literature and ecology. He coordinated John Jay's program and minor in Sustainability and Environmental Justice from 2014-2020.

He is the author of Mind’s World. Imagination and Subjectivity from Descartes to Romanticism (University of Washington Press), which won the International Conference on Romanticism’s Jean-Pierre Barricelli prize for best book published in Romanticism studies in 2009, and co-editor, with Frank Madro, of Im Prozeß der Kultur. Essays, Perspektiven und Entwürfe (In the Process of Culture. Essays, Perspectives, and Sketches) (Merus, 2008), a collection of essays on questions of contemporary culture.

Professor Schlutz has published essays in leading Romanticist journals such as Studies in Romanticism and European Romantic Review, and he is associate editor of Essays in Romanticism. He also co-founded and served as editor-in-chief for the interdisciplinary German on-line journal parapluie from 1997-2014.


Scholarly Work


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