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 PhD Sociology  Columbia University   1977
 MA   Sociology  The City College of New York  1970
 MS Geolgy  University of Rochester  1968
 BS Geology  The City College of New York  1966

Andrew Karmen received his Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University in 1977. Since 1978, he has been a professor in the Sociology Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He has taught courses on a wide range of subjects including criminal justice, criminology, victimology, crime and justice in New York City, drug abuse, delinquency, social problems, race relations, research methods, statistics and general sociology. Dr. Karmen has written chapters in books as well as journal articles on a number of subjects, including drug abuse, police use of deadly force, auto theft, providing defense attorneys to indigents, victims' rights, the victimization of women and predictions about the plight of crime victims in the future. 

The Ninth Edition of his textbook, Crime Victims: An Introduction To Victimology was published by Cengage in 2015. His book, New York Murder Mystery: The true story behind the crime crash of the 1990s (NYU Press, 2000) unearthed statistical data that casts doubt on most of the widely held beliefs about the reasons for the sharp drop in New York City's crime rates.  
Scholarly Work




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Crime And Justice In New York City, 2000 edition

Volume One: New York City’s Crime Problem

Volume Two: New York City’s Criminal Justice System

Thomson Learning Custom Publishing

(two collections of 20 articles written by John Jay faculty)




“Securing Victims’ Rights Vis-à-vis The Police:

Identifying Problems and Proposing Solutions”

National Crime Victims Law Institute Conference,           June, 2012


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Underestimated and Overlooked Since 9/11”

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Introduction To Social Science (For Remediation Students)

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Drug Use and Abuse


Juvenile Delinquency


Research Methods in the Social Sciences


Senior Seminar: Great Works in Criminal Justice

Senior Seminar: Criminology

Senior Seminar: Problems of Minority Groups

Crime Theories 

Social Problems

Race and Ethnic Relations

Current Controversies in Criminal Justice



                   Graduate, Master's Level



Issues in Criminal Justice

Research Design and Methods

Social Aspects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Criminal Justice Policy Analysis


Capital Punishment: Legal and Social Aspects

Crime and Justice in New York City

Social Movements, Revolution, and Terrorism



                   Graduate, Doctoral Level



Punishment and Responsibility