Andrew Sidman

Andrew Sidman

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Ph.D. Stony Brook University (2007, Political Science)

B.A.  Fordham University (2002, Political Science & Economics)


Andrew H. Sidman, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Political Science Department, received a B.A. from Fordham University and a Ph.D. from Stony Brook University. He joined John Jay in 2007 and teaches a variety of courses on American politics and research methods. Dr. Sidman is author of Pork Barrel Politics: How Government Spending Determines Elections in a Polarized Era, and has published articles on Congress, the presidency, the federal judiciary, public opinion, and elections.  In addition to his academic work, Dr. Sidman has consulted on elections in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Political Science and Law & Society

Course Taught

The American Presidency
Judicial Process & Politics
U.S. Congress
Voting & Public Opinion

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Scholarly Work

Sidman, Andrew H. 2019. Pork Barrel Politics: How Government Spending Determines Elections in a Polarized Era. New York: Columbia University Press.

Johnston, Christopher D., Maxwell Mak, and Andrew H. Sidman. 2016. On the Measurement of Judicial Ideology.” Justice System Journal 37(2): 169-188.

Mak, Maxwell, Andrew H. Sidman, and Udi Sommer. 2013. “Is Certiorari Contingent on Litigant Behavior? Petitioners’ Role in Strategic Auditing.” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 10(1): 54-75.

Sidman, Andrew H. and Helmut Norpth. 2012. “Fighting to Win: Wartime Morale in the American Public.” Electoral Studies 31(2): 330-341.

Cann, Damon M. and Andrew H. Sidman. 2011. “Exchange Theory, Political Parties, and the Allocation of Federal Distributive Benefits in the House of Representatives.” Journal of Politics 73(4): 1128-1141.

Lizotte, Mary-Kate and Andrew H. Sidman. 2009. “Explaining the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge.” Politics and Gender 5(2): 127-151.


Research Summary

Andrew Sidman is a scholar of American politics, broadly considered. He has published work examining elite and mass political behavior and concerning all three branches of the federal government. Dr. Sidman has written extensively on pork barrel politics and congressional elections. His current research focuses on judicial decision-making, especially in the area of voting rights.

Area of Expertise

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Congress / Legislative Process
Courts, Procedural Justice & Sentencing
Political Campaigns & Elections / Voting Rights

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Campaigns & Elections
Federal Courts
Judicial Behavior
Political Participation & Voting Rights
Political Parties
Public Opinion
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