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Deneia Y.
Doctoral Lecturer
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Ph.D. University of South Florida (2017, Applied Anthropology)

M.Ed University of South Florida (2007, Reading Education)

BA. Rhode Island College (2004, Anthropology, minor Communications)


Deneia Y. Fairweather has a Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL, USA, specializing in Applied Cultural Anthropology.  She also holds an M.Ed in Reading Education and is a Certified Professional Educator with the State of Florida. 

Dr. Fairweather is a Doctoral Lecturer at John Jay College and teaches at Galen University in Belize C.A. She has taught online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses on the post-secondary level since 2018.  She also worked as an Instructional Coach, an ESE Specialist, and a Gifted educator in primary and secondary schools for over 15 years. 

Dr. Fairweather’s research interests are situated within the field of educational anthropology.  Here, she focuses on the documentation, exploration, and description of educational experiences, particularly among male adolescents in the African Diaspora, including Belize, Brazil, and Florida, USA.  These experiences serve as a framework for building educational systems based on what they could look like--from a learner's perspective.

Dr. Fairweather founded and owns ESE Consulting, LLC, an educational consultant business emphasizing diversity and inclusive education, service learning, culture building in organizations and educational institutions, and developing innovative educational technologies that promote diversity and social-emotional learning. ESE Consulting, LLC offers high-level coaching services for educators and an applied anthropological-based curriculum called Anthropology in Motion™ for adolescent youth.  Results from these workshops can be found on www.aim.center.

Dr. Fairweather splits their time between Brooklyn, New York,  and Belize Central America.

She may reached via email at dfairweather@eseconsultinggroup.com or Whatsapp: +18134215004


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John Jay:

The Ethnography of Youth and Justice

Cultural Anthropology

Galen University:

Corporate Anthropology

Global Problems

Cultural Anthropology

Anthropological Thought

Contemporary Anthropology

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The Ethnography of Youth and Justice

Cultural Anthropology

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Association of Black Anthropologist--Programming Co Chair

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