Elizabeth Jeglic
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Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania (2004) Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Binghamton University (2003)
M.A.,  Clinical Psychology Binghamton University (2001) B.A Psychology Honours, University of Ottawa (1998) BSc. Biochemistry University of Ottawa (1996)
Dr. Elizabeth L. Jeglic is a Professor of Psychology at John Jay College in New York. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Binghamton University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania under the mentorship of Dr. Aaron T. Beck. Dr. Jeglic's research interests are primarily focused on issues broadly related sexual violence prevention, sexual abuse, sexual grooming and evidence based public policy. She has received grants from the National Institute of Justice and the American Association for Suicide Prevention to fund her research.  Dr. Jeglic has published over 140 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. Dr. Jeglic is the co-author/editor of six books:  Child Sexual Grooming: Integrating Research, Practice, Prevention and Policy (Springer, 2022); Handbook of Youth Suicide Prevention (Springer, 2022); Handbook of Issues of Criminal Justice Reform in the U.S. (Springer, 2021); New Frontiers in Offender Treatment: The Translation of Evidence Based Practices to Correctional Settings (Springer, 2018), Sexual Offending: Evidence Based Legislation and Prevention (Springer 2016) and Protecting your Child from Sexual Abuse: What you Need to know to Keep your Kids Safe (Skyhorse, 2018; 2022).  She is the former Associate Editor of the journal Sexual Abuse and is on the editorial board of Sexual AbusePsychology, Public Policy and Law.  Along with Dr. Cynthia Calkins, she is co-Director of the Sex Offender Research Lab (SORL).  She was awarded the Fay Honey Knopp Award from the New State Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers for her contributions to the prevention of sexual violence.    Dr. Jeglic is a Mentor in the Ronald E. McNair Program and she actively mentors students at all levels and is eager to involve them in her research.  Dr. Jeglic has been awarded mentoring awards from the American Psychological Association, John Jay College and the McNair Program.
JJC Affiliations
Psychology Department, Master's Program in Psychology, CUNY Graduate School, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. @ JJay
Courses Taught

PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology (Undergraduate)

PSY 242 – Abnormal Psychology (Undergraduate)

PSY 430 - Clinical Topics Senior Seminar (Undergraduate)

PSY/CRJ 707 – Counseling and Rehabilitation of Offenders (Masters)

PSY 745 - Psychopathology (Masters)

PSY 760 – Psychotherapy (Masters)


Professional Memberships

Former Associate Editor - Sexual Abuse; Editorial Board - Sexual Abuse, Psychology, Public Policy & Law; Fellow of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA); Member of the American Psychology and Law Society (APLS); Licensed Psychologist, New York State (#016300); Licensed Psychologist, New Jersey (#35SI00500300)

English, Spanish, French, Slovenian
Scholarly Work

Selected Publications

Winters, G.M., & Jeglic, E.L.  (2022). Sexual Grooming: Integrating Research, Practice, Prevention and Policy. New York:Springer

Jeglic, E.L. & Calkins, C. (2022). Protecting your Child from Sexual Abuse: What you Need to Know to Keep your Kids Safe. 2nd Edition Skyhorse Publishing.

Jeglic, E.L., & Calkins, C. (2018). New Frontiers in Offender Treatment – The Translation of Evidence-Based Practices to Correctional Settings. New York: Springer

Jeglic, E.L., & Calkins, C. (2016). Sexual Violence: Evidence Based Policy and Prevention. New York: Springer.

Jeglic, E.L., Winters, G.M. & Johnson, B. (2023). The Identification of Red Flag Grooming Behaviors. Child Abuse and Neglect

Jeglic, E. L., Calkins, C., Kaylor, L., Margeotes, K., Doychak, K., Blasko, B., Chesin, M., & Panza, N. (2022). The Nature and Scope of Educator Misconduct in K-12. Sexual Abuse, 0(0). https://doi- /10.1177/10790632221096421

Winters, G., & Jeglic, E.L. (2021). The Sexual Grooming Scale – Victim Version: The development and pilot testing of a measure to assess the nature and extent of child sexual grooming. Victims and Offenders.

Winters, G., Kaylor, L., & Jeglic, E.L. (2021). Toward a Universal Definition of Child Sexual Grooming. Deviant Behavior

Winters, G., Jeglic, E.L, & Kaylor, L. (2020). Validation of the sexual grooming model of child sexual abusers. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Winters, G.,** & Jeglic, E.L (2016). Stages of sexual grooming: Recognizing potentially predatory behaviors of child molesters. Deviant Behavior, 1-10. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01639625.2016.1197656

** denotes student co-author

Honors and Awards

April 2017, 2020 Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award - John Jay College; May 2014 & May 2016 Master's Program Faculty Mentorship Award - John Jay College; May 2015 Fay Honey Knopp Award - New York State Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers; March 2013 Undergraduate Mentoring Award - John Jay College; March 2009 Female Mentoring Award - American Psychological Association Division 12

Research Summary

Elizabeth L. Jeglic Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who studies sexual violence prevention, sexual abuse and sexual grooming.  She specializes in the assessment and treatment of those who have committed sexual offenses and those who have experienced sexual violence.  In addition, she is interested in developing evidence based public policy.  Her current research is focused on sexual grooming and the dissemination of sexual violence prevention research to the public.  Most of Dr. Jeglic's manuscripts are co-authored with students and mentoring future scholars and practitioners is her primary research goal.  She has extensive expertise in the role of treatment in criminal justice reform.  Dr. Jeglic is also interested in suicide prevention, particularly among youth and emerging adults.  Dr. Jeglic is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and its application to criminal justice involved populations.