Associate Professor
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212 237 8258
  • Specialist Diploma (Post-Masters) Studies in Librarianship. Queens College, CUNY.
  • Master of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences.  Hunter College, CUNY. 
  • Diploma in Librarianship and Information Studies.  University College Dublin (National University of Ireland).
  • B.A. (moderatorship) Natural Sciences. (Physiology).  Trinity College Dublin.        
Scholarly Work

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Non-peer reviewed:   

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Belcher, E. and Sexton, E. (2007).  Crime in New York 1850-1950 Digital Library.  Released in 2007, this scholarly resource was created and designed by the authors and provides unrestricted access to primary archival resources held by Lloyd Sealy Library's Special Collections.  Available at http://www.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/crimeinny