Associate Professor of Public Management
Room number
Haaren Hall 53341

Ph.D.,           Rutgers University - Camden (2016, Public Affairs)

M.S.,            Rutgers University - Camden (2015, Public Affairs)

M.P.A.          Rutgers University - Camden (2008, Public Management)

B.A.              Rowan University (2006, History)


Jason Rivera is an Associate Professor of public management in the Department of Public Management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.  His research focuses on social equity, governance, public adminstration theory, disaster and emergency management, and research design. Over the course of his career, he has focused on investigating the experiences of minority and historically marginalized groups related to disaster and emergency management, in addition to factors affecting these groups’ disaster preparedness. Rivera’s continuing research agenda is dedicated to enhancing social equity in emergency and disaster management policy, practice and assessment, in addition to advocating for more inclusive disaster planning and governance processes within public administration more generally.

Rivera has lead, designed and/or participated in a variety of interdisciplinary projects related to emergency and disaster management, both domestically and abroad. Internationally, he is currently serving on a three-year project supported by U.S. Department of State that is evaluating the capacity and infrustructre of public health emergency management in El Salvador and providing trainings in both New York and El Salvador. Rivera has also completed similar team evaluatory work of emergency management organizations and systems in The Gambia. 


Courses Taught

PAD 705 - Organizational Theory and Management

PMT 711 - Introduction to Emergency Management

PAD 715 - Research Methods in Public Administration


Professional Memberships

American Society of Public Administration (ASPA)

American Soceity of Public Administration's Section on Emergency and Crisis Management (SECM) 

Scholarly Work


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Selected Articles: 

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Guest-Edited Journal Symposiums:

Jason D. Rivera and Kirk A. Leach (Guest Editors). The Time Has Come: Broadly Integrating Critical Race Theory as an Analytic Lens in Public and Nonprofit Management. Public Integrity, 25(3).