Jeff Mellow
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Haaren Hall, Rm. 636.10

Ph.D., University at Albany of the State University of New York (2001, Criminal Justice)
M.A., University at Albany of the State University of New York (1994, Criminal Justice)
B.A.,  American University (1989, International Studies)


Jeff Mellow is Professor in the Criminal Justice Department and Deputy Director of The Corrections Lab at John Jay College and on the faculty of the Criminal Justice Doctoral Program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. His research focuses on correctional policy and practice, program evaluation, reentry and critical incident analysis (i.e., escapes, suicides, and riots) in corrections. Dr. Mellow has administered research and evaluations on a wide variety of correctional topics, including the evaluation of NYC Department of Probation’s Neighborhood Opportunity Network; a study of a transitional correctional health care system in Washington, DC; the evaluation of a New Jersey halfway back parolee program; the mapping of the innovation in correctional health care service delivery in NYC; and the site directorship for the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program in Manhattan. Most recently, he received U.S. Department of State funding to provide training, technical assistance, and research on core issues in Latin America prisons. In addition, he is co-author of three monographs focusing on improving reentry from jail to the community, including the National Institute of Corrections’ Transition from Jail to Community Online Learning Toolkit. His work has been published in The Prison JournalAmerican Journal of Public HealthCriminal Justice Policy Review and other scholarly outlets. 

JJC Affiliations
Department of Criminal Justice
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American Society of Criminology, International Corrections and Prisons Association

Scholarly Work
  • Limoncelli, Katherine, Jeff Mellow and Chongmin Na. (2019). Determinants of Inter-Country Prison Incarceration and Overcrowding in Latin America and the Caribbean. International Criminal Justice Review, 30: 10-29.
  • Mellow, Jeff, Deborah Koetzle and Lidia Vasquez. (2019). Evaluación de Equipos Técnicos Criminológicos para Reducir el Hacinamiento en las Prisiones Salvadoreñas (Assessing Criminological Technical Teams to Reduce Overcrowding in Salvadoran Prisons). Revista de la Maestría en Administración Pública: Administración Pública y Políticas de Reinserción Social (special issue on public administration and reintegration policies)
  • Mellow, Jeff and Kevin Barnes-Ceeney. (2017). Key Factors to Promote Successful Comprehensive Reentry Initiatives. Federal Probation, 81, 22-31.
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