Joseph A. Pollini
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1995 MA  John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, (Criminal Justice)
1992 BS   John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, (Police Science)


Joseph A. Pollini has been associated with John Jay College of Criminal Justice since he began his studies for a degree in police science while a member of the New York City Police Department. While working as a detective and detective supervisor in a number of high-profile assignments, Professor Pollini continued his education at John Jay, receiving a master’s degree in criminal justice before retiring after 33 years in the police department. He was a part-time faculty member and an instructor in numerous special programs before becoming a full-time lecturer in fall 2008. Even prior to joining the full-time faculty, Professor Pollini established a reputation for working closely with students as a freshman advisor, participant in student course fairs, and as coordinator of the police studies program. He has been cited by Dean’s List students and by the Student Council for his outstanding support of and advice to students in both academic areas and career planning. He has recently taken on an active role in assisting students seeking internships in law enforcement and related government agencies throughout the City. He has assisted the College as a liaison with numerous domestic and international police agencies. He recently coordinated and taught courses offered by John Jay in the Dominican Republic to assist members of the national police force in obtaining advanced investigative training and worked with Spanish-language translators to assure that all lecture material and handouts were available to all officers in the program. In recognition of the large number of sensitive assignments he held during his police career, he is cited frequently by local and national media on issues facing the law enforcement community. In addition to the many citations he received for bravery and for successful resolution of complex investigations, Professor Pollini is most proud of the citation he received for never taking a sick day throughout his 33-year police career, evidencing a level of dedication that he has transferred to his responsibilities at John Jay.