Martin Wallenstein
Associate Professor
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BA  -  Butler University
MA  - Queens College/CUNY
JD  -  St. John’s University School of Law
PhD - Indiana University


Martin Wallenstein is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he serves as a member of the undergraduate and graduate faculty. At John Jay, he has also served as Acting Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Acting Chief Librarian, Chairperson of the Department of Speech, Theatre and Media, and as the Chairperson of the Institutional Review Board. He has served as an Assistant District Attorney and later as a Special Assistant District Attorney on a part-time basis for Kings County and as a member of the Assigned Counsel Plan. Currently retired from the practice of law, he earned licenses to  practice law in New York State and Connecticut and has handled felony cases on appeal both for the prosecution and the defense. Professor Wallenstein has taught a range of courses including: Introduction to Speech Communication; Argumentation and Debate; Courtroom Communication; Persuasion; History of American Public Address; Interpersonal Communication; Law, Evidence and Ethics; Problems in Criminal Justice; Film Appreciation; and Film Criticism. He has published over twenty articles and encyclopedia entries on communication and approximately twenty legal briefs in a range of felony cases including murder cases. He has delivered over fifty conference presentations on various aspects of communication, law, and human research ethics.