Mechthild Prinz

Mechthild Prinz

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Ph.D., University of Ulm, Germany (1991, Human Biology)

M.S., University of Cologne, Germany (1985, Biology)


Dr. Prinz spent most of her career as a forensic DNA specialist and crime laboratory manager where she played an active role in providing DNA testing results for criminal casework, missing persons, and disaster victim identification.  

She currenty teaches in the Master of Science in Forensic Science program, specifically forensic molecular biology and on professional, ethical and research topics in forensic science.

JJC Affiliations

Master of Science in Forensic Science

Professional Memberships

International Society for Forensic Genetics (Vice President)
American Association of Forensic Scientists (Fellow)
American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (Academic Member)
North Eastern Association of Forensic Scientists
Biology DNA Interpretation and Reporting Subcommittee of the NIST Organization of Scientific Area Committees (Co-Chair)

Course Taught

Concepts of Forensic Science FOS 108

The Biology of Sex and Gender BIO255/GEN255

Survey of Molecular Biology CRJ86400

Advanced Molecular Biology II FOS733

Thesis Prospectus Series FOS795, FOS796, FOS797

Research Methods in Forensic Science CJ86500

Independent Study CRJ79600, FOS794, FOS793


Languages spoken/fluent in

English, German

Research Summary

Ongoing research involves recovery and detection of protein markers in contact traces. We are also working on a method for intergrating DNA and latent print processing for paper evidence.

Area of Expertise

Most requested topics by media

DNA Analysis

Faculty Expertise: topics/keywords

Forensic Genetics

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