Sara Whitestone
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M.Ed.   Reading/English/ESL, Tulane University


Sara Whitestone is a writer in both practice and progress, and her students at CUNY introduce her to the mysteries of the world. Whitestone has presented at Chautauqua, Johns Hopkins’ Conference on Craft, West Conn’s MFA residency, and other venues where external beauty and internal words merge. Her works have appeared in print and online journals, including The Portland Review, Word Riot, and Rock and Sling. Whitestone’s longform project is a series of novels in which Kristin grapples with questions of worth and love. To learn more about her inner and outer adventures, visit Follow her on Instagram @sarawhitestone.



Scholarly Work

Winter 2018

“The Point of the Paradox” lyric essay  in  GFT Press, Winter 2018, Print.

Fall 2018

Thankfulness,” creative nonfiction essay in Rock and Sling, Fall 2018, Online.

Fall 2019

Belonging,” creative nonfiction essay in Rock and Sling, Fall 2019, Online.

Spring 2020

Landslide,” creative nonfiction essay in Rock and Sling, Spring 2020, Online. 

Fall 2021

“Being Wrong, Being Right, and Being a White Woman of Privilege” creative nonfiction essay anthologized in  Good Cop, Bad Cop by Flower Song Press, Fall 2021, Print. (A previous version appeared in Rock and Sling, in Summer 2020, Online.)



Research Summary

Current research interests: 

Expressive Writing 

Learning Theory