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Sara Whitestone

Sara Whitestone
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M.Ed.   Reading/English/ESL, Tulane University


Sara Whitestone is a writer, photographer, and teacher. In exchange for instruction in English, her students at John Jay College in NYC introduce her to the mysteries of the world. Whitestone discovers writing through travel. Her works appear in book anthologies and many popular and literary magazines including The Portland Review, Word Riot, Piedmont Virginian, and Literary Traveler. Her current short project is about her search for writing and healing, and her book-in-continual-progress is a fictional autobiography. To learn more about Whitestone's inner and outer adventures, visit



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Research Summary

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Trauma narratives and how writing brings healing

Brain development and its implications in learning

Young leaders and their ability to affect change in their countries-- especially those in Paraguay, Laos, Thailand, Mongolia, and Saudi Arabia



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