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Shamus Smith is a Doctoral Lecturer in the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration.  A native of Sacramento, California, he started his education in criminal justice at Sacramento City College (99') and completed his bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of the Pacific (02').  After enlisting in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, he enrolled in graduate school at John Jay College and completed his master's degree in criminal justice (05').  He worked as a police officer for the New York City Police Department (NYPD) from 2005-2016, and then as an assistant inspector general for the New York City Department of Investigation, Office of the Inspector General for the NYPD from 2016-2019.  Shamus earned both his master of philosophy and doctor of philosophy degrees in criminal justice from the CUNY Graduate Center (21', 23').  In conjunction with teaching at John Jay College since 2011, he continues to serve in the military for New Jersey Army National Guard.    



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