Shreya Subamani
Assistant Professor

Ph, D., Princeton University (2020, Sociocultural Anthropology)

M.A., Princeton University (2015, Sociocultural Anthropology)

B.A., Barnard College, Columbia University

Shreya Subramani, PhD. is an Assistant Professor in the Law & Society Major. She is joining the Political Science Department after completing her doctorate in Anthropology at Princeton University. She specializes in Legal and Political Anthropology and Black Studies with a focus on the relations between racial inequality, carceral geographies, labor and city life. Her recent research and current book project offers an ethnographic exploration of the emergent policy and programming infrastructures of prisoner reentry in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through this work, Subramani provides a historically-grounded critique of progressive criminal justice reform as a reconfiguration of the racialized/racializing forces of carceral power and elaborates the political potentials of abolitionist praxis.   
JJC Affiliations
Law & Society Major
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Carrent courses

LWS 200,  Introduction to Law and Society

LWS 225, Introduction to Research Methods in Law and Society 

LWS 385, Legal Disruption Project Faculty Advisor

LWS 425, Law & Society Major Capstone

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