John Jay College Campus
John Jay Installs Emergency Contraception Vending Machines in Response to Student Advocacy

John Jay expanded access to a vital health resource by providing discreet, affordable emergency conception through two on-campus vending machines in partnership with student advocates and the New York Birth Control Access Project (NYBCAP).

The vending machines, installed in response to advocacy by John Jay students, are located in easily accessible areas on campus, Hound Square and the L2 Level, ensuring that students can access it when it’s most effective -- within 72 hours after unprotected sex. Each package costs $10, compared to about $25-$50 if purchased elsewhere, thanks to support from the Student Activities Association.

Brianna Simonelli, one of the student advocates and John Jay alum and grad student, said, "Advocating for birth control rights as well as gender equity has given me so much knowledge. Speaking to fellow students and with faculty members allowed me and other NYBCAP members to voice our own opinions about how this would be in the best interest of the John Jay community. I always want to help people the best that I can and through NYBCAP I started with helping myself find a voice to helping hundreds of students to find their voice."

Another student advocate and alum, Odalisa Santos, said about the initiative, "The installation of a vending machine with emergency contraception on John Jay’s campus demonstrates forward-thinking and ensures that essential services are readily available when needed. These emergency contraception vending machines on campus support responsible choices and empower young people to make decisions about their reproductive health. I'm pleased that I had the opportunity to advocate for this and the success is a consequence of our efforts and the administration's support."

John Jay partnered with NYBCAP, which focuses on policy that increases access to birth control. Their director of advocacy, Rochelle Rodney, noted, "The installation of the first emergency contraceptive vending machine at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is an example of our continuous efforts to provide New Yorkers with the necessary resources to have agency over their bodily autonomy. Putting emergency contraception in vending machines puts birth control within reach for so many students. We are hopeful that colleges across New York will recognize the potential to positively impact their student’s lives through this cost-effective yet innovative measure.” 

“We educate fierce advocates for justice and this initiative was sparked by our student advocates,” said Danielle Officer, dean of students and interim vice president for student affairs. “This milestone for reproductive justice resulted from their passion and effective organization, along with NY Birth Control Access Project expertise, and demonstrates their ability to be the leaders our city, state and country need.”

The initiative is a historic first within the City University of New York system.