Emergency Metro Card Program

The Emergency Metro Card Program provides students experiencing a temporary transportation emergency with assistance.  A temporary transportation emergency is defined as

  • Housing-insecure students in need of transportation to navigate housing services.
  • Stolen book bag and/or wallet containing metro card/money to purchase metro card to go home. 
  • Loss of Metro Card on campus or on the way to campus. 

Terms and Conditions of the Emergency Metro Card Program

  • I understand that I must be enrolled and have completed at least one semester before applying.
  • I understand that exceptions are made for first-semester freshmen/transfer students if there is a high-risk need. Additional documentation is required to verify the need.
  • I understand that I must be enrolled in the current semester to receive an Emergency Metro Card.
  • I understand that I may be eligible for metro cards based on my current class schedule and financial need.
  • I understand that this application is for Emergency Transportation assistance only.

To apply, please complete the application and email it to emergencyfunding@jjay.cuny.edu.