Teacher Track

Want to be a secondary school DOE teacher in NY? Now you can get on a path to become a certified teacher in little over a year after your graduation from John Jay.

Have you considered teaching as a career? We’re introducing the Teacher Track. If you’re an English Major at John Jay, you now have the opportunity to get on a path to get your DOE secondary school teaching certification. Following the path successfully means, you can be a DOE certified secondary school English teacher in little over a year after your graduation from John Jay!

IS TEACHING A WORTHWHILE CAREER PATH? That is a question you will have to answer for yourself, but here are some things to consider:

As a secondary school teacher, you become part of a vibrant community of dedicated professionals who get to shape young minds doing what they enjoy – reading, writing, thinking.

New York state DOE employees are part of a unionized workplace with extremely competitive salaries, benefits package, and job security. As of January 2024, starting salaries range from $64,789 to $89,085 with extensive opportunities for salary increases. The benefits package includes a choice of comprehensive health insurance plans for employees and families requiring no employee contribution that start on the first day of service and continue after retirement, and pension plans. See here for more information.

To be eligible for Teacher Track, you first need to be a declared English major and fulfill some requirements. You will receive advising once you’re in the Major to help you succeed.

To learn more, please contact Professor Nivedita Majumdar.