The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program


Ronald E. McNair
Ronald E. McNair

The McNair Scholars Program is made possible through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Its purpose is to support undergraduate students’ scholarly activities throughout the academic year and summer. John Jay College is funded to serve 27 students per year.

The objective of the program is to encourage low-income and first generation students (as well as students from underrepresented populations) to pursue graduate study, provide academically enriching experiences and mentoring to prepare students for graduate school admission and eventual doctoral study.

Special Aspects of the Program

  • Workshops and Activities McNair Scholars will participate in workshops, seminars, classes, and other scholarly activities designed to enhance their academic abilities. They will also complete a research course prior to a summer research internship. In addition, they will participate in activities designed to build personal skills that will facilitate their transition to graduate school.
  • Research and Mentorships Each McNair student will select a faculty mentor from the discipline in which they hope to pursue graduate study and will receive a stipend after conducting research under the guidance of that mentor. Students may also have the opportunity to attend professional conferences with their mentors, where they may meet distinguished scholars and learn more about their chosen fields.
  • Graduate School Admission Preparation McNair Scholars will receive individual and group services to facilitate their successful entry into graduate school. Included in this will be extensive Graduate Record Examination preparation and help with the graduate school application process. Scholars will also receive financial aid counseling, career counseling and personal counseling.

Letters of recommendation from faculty mentors and research experiences listed on the resumé will enhance the student’s standing in the competition for graduate school admission. Many graduate schools waive application fees and offer special fellowships to McNair Scholars.

Our Scholars

Every year, the U.S. Department of Education sponsors up to 27 McNair scholars at John Jay College.

Our Mentors

The McNair program has a robust and diverse representation of mentors from various disciplines, including Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, African American studies, English, Sociology, Law & Police Science and History.

McNair News and Events

  • Congratulations to the McNair scholars who got accepted to the graduate programs!
  • The Ronald E. McNair program celebrates 30 years at John Jay College.
  • Dr. Gordan-Nembahrd was honored with the Distinguished Faculty Award at John Jay's 2022 Alumni Reunion. View her acceptance speech here.
  • McNair Scholars presented their work at the 30th Annual UMBC McNair Research Conference held in Maryland. View photos here.
  • McNair Scholars presented their research at the 2022 SAEOPP McNair Research Conference this summer in Atlanta. Scholars Cynthia Gonzalez won third place in the Physical and Science divison while Jaleel King and Alijah Sepulveda tied for second place in the Social Science division. View photos here.
  • Second-year McNair scholars presented their research during the 2022 Research & Creativity Expo Week held at John Jay College from April 27 to May 6. View photos here.
Research and Creativity Expo 2022. From left to right: Ashanti Vanier-Waldron, Jia-Yi Mai, Laura Alarcon, Dr. Lee, Yareli Perez, Katiera Dickinson, Alexa Abruzese, D'Andrah Almanzar

McNair Newsletter & Journal

The McNair program publishes a biannual newsletter and an annual journal that highlights a full list of McNair activities and scholars’ achievements.

For more information, contact Associate Director Dr. S. Ernest Lee, or McNair Program Assistant Ms. Rachel Rosado at Follow us on Instagram and X for the latest news.