Saul Kassin
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1978 PHD Personality and Social Psychology, University of Connecticut
1976 MA Personality and Social Psychology, University of Connecticut


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Scholarly Work


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Research Summary

Honors, Awards, and Grants

Macarthur Foundation, Juvenile Justice Network grant to study biases in judgments of juvenile and
minority suspects in pre-interrogation interviews (2003-2006)

Marquis Who's Who in America (1999-present); Who’s Who in the World (2000-present)

NIH Research Fellowship, Stanford University, 1985-86

U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Fellowship Award, 1984-85

Foundation for Child Development, Research Grant, 1984-85

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Kansas, 1978-79

University of Connecticut Research Foundation Grant, 1977-78

Phi Beta Kappa, 1975