Why John Jay?

A group of John Jay Students

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Our Mission: We are committed to preparing students for meaningful career opportunities in a diverse range of fields including criminal justice, public administration, forensic science and security management among others.

Our Philosophy: We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to creating justice through education, advocacy, research and collaboration.

Innovative Programs: We offer a variety of graduate degrees with an innovative curriculum, a student-centered focus and a collaborative scholarly environment.

World-Class Research: John Jay College fosters an academic environment that promotes scholarship and encourages research across a diverse range of subjects.

Our Faculty: Our globally recognized and highly engaged faculty is devoted to giving students individual attention for stimulating their ideas, and counseling them on career choices.  

Our Setting: Beyond our campuses, our students experience the blend of culture, entertainment, business and social energy that makes New York City one of the greatest places in the world. 

Our Resources: John Jay College offers abundant resources from financial aid counseling to educational workshops and career services for professional development.

Track Record of Accomplishments: Our graduates have distinguished themselves through leadership positions in government, non-profits, businesses, and international organizations housed here and abroad. 

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