Transfer Advisement

Welcome Transfer Students!

Congratulations on making it to John Jay, an award-winning CUNY college, and choosing to finish your baccalaureate degree! 

We are so happy you are here and want you to know that we are committed to helping you navigate every step of your academic journey.

You've Been Accepted. Now What?

  • Review 5 Steps to Take before advisement and registration can begin
  • If you attended any non-CUNY institutions, you must request transcripts be submitted to John Jay once final grades are posted, even if you have previously submitted to another CUNY institution. 
  • Learn more about your Degree Requirements.
  • Learn more about the major you chose when applying to John Jay on the Major Resources Pages. Also see video guidance on how to use this resource. 
    • If you are interested in changing your major, see more information about John Jay’s Major offerings.
  • Learn more about Elective course options.

Advisement and registration for the fall semester begins early May.
Advisement and registration for the spring semester begins early December.


Academic Advisement

When your records are ready for advisement, you are emailed detailed instructions on how to view your credit evaluation on CunyFirst and schedule a mandatory advisement appointment. 

Academic advisors help you make confident decisions and plans for your time at John Jay that are aligned with your academic and career goals.  During your first appointment you will:

  • Learn how to understand your Degree Audit which reflects how your transfer credits were applied to your degree requirements and what your remaining requirements are at John Jay
  • Get first semester course recommendations based on your transfer credits and remaining requirements
  • Confirm your major choice
  • Get questions answered about how to register for courses
  • Get connected to other John Jay student services and resources of interest or need

All entering transfer students are required to meet with an academic advisor before registering for courses. Keep in mind that the earlier you schedule an advising appointment, the better chance you will have of finding the classes you want open.


Transfer Student Academic Planning and Registration Resources

Will be reviewed during your advisement appointment:


Transfer To CUNY With Ease Video Series

Hear directly from other CUNY students, who share their own experiences and tips for how to access college resources, succeed academically, maintain a healthy and balanced life, and plan for a rewarding career.

Transfer Tips #1: Starting Strong
Transfer Tips #2: Accessing Resources
Transfer Tips #3: Practicing Self Care
Transfer Tips #4: Gaining Professional Skills

John Jay Student Resources, Emergency Assistance, & Tuition/Book Assistance

Entering Transfer Student Events

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