Unit Mission:

The Office of the Registrar is committed to the accurate preservation, maintenance, and timely update of student academic records, while providing administrative support for the College’s diverse community in a manner that is efficient, professional, ethical, and with integrity.     


1.       Provide timely, detailed guidance and support to students, faculty, and staff.

2.      Administer an efficient scheduling and registration process that is aligned with the College’s curriculum in accordance with our policies.

3.      In accordance with CUNY’s guidelines, make sure that the College maintains accurate academic and enrollment records for currently enrolled students and alumni.

4.      Enhance service delivery through the use of innovative technology.


To view your Grades and Transcripts, you will need to register with: CUNYfirst, the college registration tool


The City University of New York has put in place an e-Permit system designed to help students find, get approval for, and register for courses at other CUNY colleges. Through e-Permit, students can file an online request and it will be processed online. Visit the E-PERMIT page for full explanation, application, etc. Students who are interested in taking courses at non-CUNY Colleges while still fully matriculated at John Jay College must follow the Permit guidelines. Visit the PERMIT page for important details. Additional questions regarding E-PERMIT or PERMIT may be forwarded to registrar@jjay.cuny.edu.


The COURSE SEARCH tool allows viewing of course listings prior to registration begins. This tool also helps students at time of registration by facilitating the look up and arrangement of schedule during assigned date to register.


John Jay has two types of final exams: Departmental Exams and Others/non-Departmental Exams. Departmental Exams are given for the following classes: MAT 104, MAT 105, MAT 108, MAT 271, SPA 101 & SPA 102 . All Departmental Exams are administered on the same day according to the schedule that is, at some point just prior to the end of the semester, posted below. Others/non-departmental final exams are administered during final exams week in a special two-hour session. To view the scheduling grid for these exams, click here. Others/non-Departmental Exams with possible time-conflict should contact the Office of the Registrar.


Visit the Graduation process page for a complete explanation of requirements necessary for Graduation.

Jay Express Service Center

The Jay Express Services is John Jay's resource center where college services are consolidated; allowing students to conduct multiple departmental functions in one central location.


All students who attended and left John Jay College and wish to readmit must submit the application . Those who left the College in good standing are auto-readmitted immediately upon receipt of their application. However, students who left the College in less than good academic standing must apply and be reviewed by the Readmission Committee. These students must submit the readmit application before the published deadline. In addition, students may be required to meet with a counselor or other College official prior to registering.