Brian Lawton

Brian Lawton

Dr. Brian Lawton
Associate Professor
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Haaran Hall 631.05


Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice (2006)
Temple University

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (1998)
Temple University

Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies (1995)
Rhode Island College



Brian Lawton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  His research interests include spatial patterns of crime, public health and their intersection.  His work has included spatial examinations of police use of force; stop, question and frisk, as well as his recent work examining spatial distributions of drug use, fear of crime and health problems in Baltimore City, Maryland.  His work has been published in such journals as Research in Crime and Delinquency, Quantitative Criminology and Justice Quarterly.  He serves as a senior research fellow at the Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy at George Mason University .

Scholarly Work

Ralph B. Taylor, Brian A. Lawton and Jonathon Ellen.  (2014).  “Neighborhood Race and Nearby Race Affects Neighborhood Changes in Relative Status and Stability: Testing and Ecological Extension of the Neighborhood Projection Thesis”.  World Journal of Social Science Research 1(2).

David Weisburd, Cody Telep and Brian Lawton.  (2014). “Could Innovations in Policing have Contributed to the New York City Crime Drop even in a Period of Declining Police Strength?: The Case of Stop, Question and Frisk as a Hot Spots Policing Strategy”.  Justice Quarterly 31: 129-153.

Alese Wooditch, Brian Lawton and Faye Taxman. (2013).  “The Geography of Drug Abuse Epidemiology Among Probationers in Baltimore”.  Journal of Drug Issues.  43, (2), 231-249.

Ralph B. Taylor and Brian Lawton. (2012).  “An Integrated Contextual Model of Confidence in Local Police”. Police Quarterly, 15,(4): 414-445.

Solomon Zhao, Lai Yung-Lien, Ling Ren and Brian Lawton.  (2012). “Race/Ethnicity and Quality-of-Life Policing on Public Attitudes Toward Racially Biased Policing and Traffic Stops”.  Crime & Delinquency. (Available at OnlineFirst).

Jihong Solomon Zhao, Brian Lawton and Dennis Longmire. (2012). “An Examination of the Micro-Level Crime-Fear of Crime Link”.  Crime & Delinquency (Available at OnlineFirst).

Seksan Khruakham and Brian Lawton. (2012). “Assessing the Impact of the 1996 Thai Prostitution Law: A Study of Police Arrest Data”.  Asian Journal of Criminology 7, 22-36.

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