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 Cheryl L. Franks, Ph.D., Substitute Associate Professor, SEEK Department
Dr. Cheryl Franks earned her baccalaureate at Ohio State University in Education and her masters at Columbia University School of Social Work (CUSSW) and School of Business. She earned her Ph.D. at CUSSW where she worked for 22 years in an administrative capacity including Assistant Dean, Director of Field Education and Executive Director of Diversity, Human Rights and Social Justice (EDDHRSJ). As EDDHRSJ, she provided leadership in the School as the primary resource on the body of scholarship, most effective pedagogical methods, and the organizational and professional values and processes related to diversity, human rights, and social justice.
Dr. Franks’ teaching and curriculum development includes courses in Human Rights and Justice, Diversity, International Immersion, Race and Ethnic Relations, Program Development, Social Administration and Advanced Generalist Practice at Columbia University School of Social Work and School of International and Public Affairs, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Hunter College School of Social Work, and Westchester Community College.
Dr. Franks’ research focuses on racial identity development. Her book, together with co-authors Carmen Ortiz Hendricks and Jeanne Bertrand Finch, "Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn," is the signature text on social work field education.
Dr. Franks has 30 years of professional social work experience and has been actively involved in non-profit and private sector organizational consulting throughout. While at Columbia University she provided training and consultation to faculty, administrators and students throughout the university as well as New York City agencies and organizations. Her consultation repertoire includes 3 signature programs:
•   Skills and strategies for facilitating challenging dialogues on diversity in education and
organizational settings
•   Self-awareness for working effectively in an increasingly global and diverse society
•   Best Practices for the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, student body and organization
At Columbia and John Jay, Dr. Franks served(s) on university-wide advisory committees including the Vice-Provost of Diversity, the Medical Center Community Partnerships, the Center for the Study of Human Rights, the President’s Committee on Sexual Violence as well as a number of advisory structures focusing on the best practices for the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body.