Dr. Isa Kagan Karasioglu
Isa Kagan
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Columbia University, (2016, Applied Anthropology) 

M.A., Columbia University, (2014, Cultural Anthropology)

M.Phil., Columbia University, (2014, Cultural Anthropology)

B.A. Criminal Justice, (2002, TNPA)


Dr. Isa Kagan Karasioglu is adjunct professor in the department of anthropology. He is an applied/cultural anthropologist who received his degree from Columbia University in the City of New York. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Dr. Karasioglu also studied at Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice and completed the “Advanced Policing Studies” program. As a former law enforcement administrator, he also worked with Cincinnati Police Department of the U.S. and Liverpool Merseyside Police Department of the U.K.

During his doctoral studies at Columbia University, he conducted an ethnographic field research in a village of Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan. Concepts of identity, ethnicity, nationalism and hegemony are amongst his points of interest.  He is also interested in the relationship between the concepts of “Culture” and “Crime”.

JJC Affiliations
International Criminal Justice M.A. program
Courses Taught

Current courses

ANT 230 - Culture and Crime

ICJ 704 - Crime Justice and Cultural Struggles

Previous courses

ANT 101 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Professional Memberships

ACJS - (Academyof Criminal Justice Sciences)

AAA - (American Anthropological Association)