Michael R. Leippe
Michael R.
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1979 PhD    Ohio State University
1976 MA     
Ohio State University
1974 BA      
University of Rochester


Mike Leippe is an experimental social psychologist with research foci centered on social influence and attitudes in several realms.  In legal psychology, he is interested in social influences on the accuracy, suggestibility, and confidence of eyewitness memory and memory reporting, as well as motivational and cognitive factors in jurors’ processing of trial information.  Dr. Leippe also studies persuasion and self-justification (cognitive dissonance) processes involved in changes in social attitudes, self-concept, and prejudiced beliefs.  Before coming to John Jay, Mike held faculty positions at St. Norbert College, Adelphi University, Saint Louis University, and Illinois State University.  Mike has published numerous journal articles and chapters in both psychology-and-law and basic social psychology, has received funding from the National Science Foundation, is co-author with Phil Zimbardo of The Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence, and is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.