Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D, Rutgers University (2019, Global Affairs)



Reynaldo Tapia is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with teaching and service in the Sociology Department. Dr. Tapia has over a decade of experience in government employment working as a Special Agent for US OPM/FISD (now Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency) and as an Intelligence Officer with the US Navy.  He has presented security briefings to higher-level government officials and military officers and has worked on international intelligence and counter-intelligence operations in U.S. Department of Defense installations in Asia and Europe. His research interests include Security, the Illegal Drug trade in Latin America, Transnational Gangs, and Civil Resistance.

Courses Taught

SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology

SOC 335 - Migration and Crime

SOC 354- Gangs and Transnationalism


Spanish, Portuguese