Serguei I. Cheloukhine

Serguei I. Cheloukhine

Serguei I. Cheloukhine
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PhD                   York University (Canada)/Public Administration (Russia)
MA                     York University, Canada
MS Economics     Rostov State University, Russia
BS                      Cherkessk College of Engineering (Russia) 


Serguei Cheloukhine’s areas of expertise are Corrupt Networks, Organized Crime, Anti-Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism, Property Rights.Dr. Cheloukhine worked as a police officer in Caucasus and Chechnya, and then professor in the Department of Social Sciences. He was chairperson at the Rostov-on-Don Law School (former Higher Police Academy) for ten years. From 1997 to 2001, he was the first Russian police officer working at the Nathanson Center for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption (Toronto, Canada) as a researcher. After finishing his PhD., Cheloukhine participated in projects that studied Transnational Organized Crime, Corruption, Money Laundering and Terrorism. Currently, Dr. Cheloukhine’s research and publications are focused on organized crime and corrupt networks in Russia and Countries of Independent States. Government Officials, Interpol, Europol and Law enforcement in Canada, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Brazil, Italy, China, Kazakhstan and Russia highly accredit Cheloukhine’s academic and consulting contributions.

Prosperity and the State Ownership Regime and Institutional Changes in Russia   The Logic of Property Reform in Russia   Russian Organized Corruption Networks and their International Trajectories  Policing in Russia book

Area of Expertise

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Corruption and Corrupt Networks, Organized Crime, Anti-Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism, Policing (former Soviet States and Eastern Europe), Integrity in Sports/Football

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