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Funded Faculty Incentive Program

Funded Faculty Incentive Program

Funded Faculty Incentive Program

Noting the heavy teaching load and high cost of release at John Jay College, the Office for the Advancement of Research (OAR) has established the Funded Faculty Incentive Program. This program will provide additional release time to faculty who also have release time funded through an external grant at the full release rate plus fringe benefits as an incentive to their productivity. Any faculty member with release time funded as a full percentage of their salary plus fringe benefits, may request additional release time from this fund – up to 30% of their academic year effort (equivalent of two courses) as a one-to-one incentive for the same percentage of externally-funded time. This program is retroactive and is not presented as a matching program, rather as a productivity incentive program. Release provided through this program must be used in the same year as the externally-funded release.  Up to 30% academic year effort or two courses per academic year may be awarded per faculty member in a given year. (For the purposes of this program, 15% release will provide an additional course release). To utilize this fund, faculty must submit a request in writing to the Office of Sponsored Programs at

In your request, please include the following information:

  • Sponsor Name
  • Project Title
  • PI Name (If different from release applicant)
  • RFCUNY Account # or Project Sub Year (PRSY)
  • Start and End Dates of Current Budget Period
  • Semester and/or Academic Year to use originally budgeted Release
  • Semester and/or Academic Year to use Incentive Release
  • Copy of Budget and/or Justification indicating full release

Incentive Release cannot be guaranteed at the time of submission of a proposal to an external sponsor. 

Post Award Instructions
Once your request is approved, the Office of Sponsored Programs will assist you in preparing a Staff Effort Notice to properly document and charge out your release time.  Note that the Staff Effort Notice must be completed before the period in which the release time will be charged/used, and must reflect both the budgeted and incentivized release time on the same form.  The funded faculty incentive cannot be applied to courses that have already been charged to an award.