Marketing & Communications Office

Marketing & Communications Office

The Office of Marketing & Communications is the official voice of John Jay College and is responsible for communicating effectively and regularly with the institution's major constituencies, including current students, faculty and staff, prospective students and their parents, alumni, business communities, the local community, legislators, CUNY officials, the public, and the higher education community in order to:

  • Maintain and promote the college's image and visibility
  • Enhance outreach, reputation and support
  • Advance understanding and goals of the college
  • Oversee and produce John Jay’s publications and other marketing materials

The Department serves as the main liaison between the news media and the university. 

The Office produces the Justice Matters, John Jay News, and Alumni News, maintains the College website, manages communication on campus-wide issues, and addresses all external inquires about John Jay College and media requests for faculty experts.

Emphasis in communication is placed on the variety of academic programs offered by the college; the uniqueness of the institution; the goals and accomplishments of students; the quality and experience of the faculty; the relationships the college maintains with the private sector; its partnerships with the local community, its CUNY sister schools; and the college's career-oriented focus on education

The Marketing & Communications Office is responsible for:
  • coordination with other administrative units to provide strategic direction and/or support for marketing and promotional activities
  • development and implementation of a comprehensive, college-wide marketing communications program
  • conceptualization, design, and production of all print promotional materials
  • oversight and management of writing, editing, and proofreading for a range of publications
  • supervision of advertising strategies and placements
  • coordination and management of media/public relations efforts, including press outreach
  • oversight of institutional website development and maintenance, including graphic and brand coordination of web applications
  • editorial oversight of college's intranet
  • promotion and coordination of college special events