Sophomore Programs

Sophomore Programs

Sophomore Programs

Your sophomore experience is a unique and integral part of your academic journey at John Jay. The sophomore experience programs and events are designed to help you utilize this time in your academic journey to build the skills and experiences you need to reach your academic and career goals.

Sophomore Signature Courses are Flexible Core level 200 classes designed and reserved especially for sophomores to promote academic and career exploration with your professional goals in mind. See the Fall 2019 sophomore signature courses

Sophomore Kickoff is a welcome event to get you ready for the opportunities you have as a sophomore. This is where you can get a head start on planning for scholarships, study abroad, research with faculty, leadership development, paid internships, and other exciting opportunities programs. It's also a place to connect with other students who are equally committed to their success. See the program guide for what the 2018 Sophomore Kickoff had to offer!

Sophomore Challenge is an 8-week workshop series for committed sophomores to meet, prepare for special opportunities, grow their networks, and ultimately excel as upper classmen. You will get connected with internships, scholarship and research opportunities, and receive support with your application. By the end of the series, you will have your own professional e-Portfolio, an up-to-date quality resume, hands-on service experience, and a network of supportive peers and staff from across John Jay. See the 2018 Sophomore Challenge flyer to learn more and for an idea what will be offered in 2019!

Plan Ahead, Get Ahead is a series of events from Oct 15–Nov 8 (2018) that support the Academic Journey and Professional Development, by guiding sophomores through learning to be planful, opportunity exploration, and assistance with opportunities’ applications and processes. It's also a place to connect with other students who are equally committed to their success. See the 2018 PAGA calendar or visit the webpage.

Majors & minors is a series of events, during the beginning of each spring semester that encourage sophomore students to both explore new major and minor opportunities while re-examining their current declared major and/or minor to ensure you are making the decision that is best for you in relation to your post-graduate goals and interests. By collaborating with faculty and key offices across campus, such as Major and Minor Coordinators, The Center for Career and Professional Development, Office of International Programs, Center for Post-Graduate Opportunities, Pre-Law Institute, sophomores get connected to important resources and are given the opportunity to ask important questions in order to be successful in the various major, minor, and certificate programs. See the past Majors & minors calendar or visit the webpage to learn more about what has been offered in the past and to get an idea of what you may be able to participate in next spring! 

Opportunity Application Clinics are workshops that support students who are applying for a variety of special opportunities both on and off campus. Students will work together to identify their skills, experiences, and goals in order to develop an outline and plan for their application questions.

CUNY Service Corps: Paid Service Learning is a special program for John Jay students who have completed at least 24 credits. As a member of the CUNY Service Corps, you work in a paid service position that gives you real world experience to build your resume and be prepared for your future career. Learn more and apply.