Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The Teaching & Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to recognizing excellence in teaching and learning, supporting social justice and equity in public urban higher education, and to providing mentoring, resources, and opportunities that enable faculty, staff, and students to engage with and enhance teaching and learning.
During the pandemic and our shared experiences of increased racial violence and climate change, the TLC continues to work within its mission to guide and support the college to more effective and humane approaches to teaching and learning. As we operate remotely, we commit ourselves to sustain awareness and responsiveness to the needs of our community and our responsibilities towards faculty, students, and staff.



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7 Principles for a Culturally Responsive, Inclusive and Anti-Racist Curriculum at John Jay College
As a college, we agree that John Jay curriculum and teaching should reflect the following principles:

1) We center Critical Engagement

by forming learning communities that engage in critical (self) reflection, alongside empirical analysis, about how Anti-Black racism, institutional racism, and all forms of racism inform the subject matter of our courses and the interactions of members of our learning communities.

2) We grapple with evolving perspectives about Criminal Justice Education
by interrogating the origins, facts, and effects of institutional racism and individual acts of discrimination in the criminal justice system.

3) We normalize discussions about Complex Social Challenges
by anticipating and addressing the challenges of engaging with racism, institutional racism and exploitation, as well as social justice and racial equity in a diverse classroom through dialogue and reflection.

4) We practice Embodied Learning
by using trauma-informed pedagogy and strategies to incorporate the lived experiences of students and faculty, promote cultural competence, and increase social and emotional intelligence.

5) We use Diverse Content
throughout the learning experience through incorporating course materials that are diverse by author identity, form, medium, and/or voice.

6) We design for Equitable Assessment
by employing varied opportunities for students to demonstrate learning and self-assess their progress.

7) We promote Democratic Education
which affirms that education is participatory and non-hierarchical and that student learning is experiential, characterized by an on-going collaborative process of problem solving grounded in discussion, consultation, research, and debate as ways to engage in informed decision-making by people with diverse interests.


During the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, the TLC office will be available remotely. Our staff will be working regular hours. 

Please email: tlc@jjay.cuny.edu

*Please note that although the TLC phones have been forwarded to our email account, voice messages are not always received in a timely manner. We advise contacting us through the TLC email address above. We do not have access to fax communications at this time.